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We want to invite you to experience The Life! We are pleased that by the grace of God you have come in contact with our ministry today. We are here to serve you and your family through our ministries in any way we can, whether the needs are spiritual, relational, emotional, or physical.

If you are not actively attending a church, we want to invite you to worship with us. We believe you will be blessed by the teaching and preaching of the Word of God and your life will be changed forever.

Bishop Eugene Reeves and First Lady Ollie Reeves


What To Expect

Which translation of the Bible do you use?
Various translations are used to give an understanding of God’s Word. The King James Version is the standard version for our scripture readings. Choose a bible that is personal to you and bring it with you to all services that you may compare what is being taught with the Word of God.

Is there a dress code? How do I dress for church?
You can expect a variety of dress styles among the congregation. You may dress however you are comfortable. We just ask that your dress be respectful to the other congregants as well as to yourself (i.e. no clothing or items that would be considered offensive because of graphics, language or message or of a provocative nature).

First Sunday is Communion Sunday so leaders dress in official clergy attire.

Fourth Sunday is family Sunday so casual wear or jeans are appropriate for all attendees including clergy.

How often do you hold communion?
We hold our communion service on the First Sunday of each month.

Do you provide nursery and childcare during Sunday worship services?
We provide a safe children’s program for those ages 3 to 12 years old during the 10am Sunday worship service.